Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gateway to Gods- "Haridwar"


Also knows as Gateway to Gods, Haridwar is nothing less than a paradise for lovers of Nature. I recently visited Haridwar for first time in six years. The few hours I spent at the holy city were highly satisfactory and brought immense piece to mind.

Malviya Dwipa and Clock Tower at "Har ki Paudi"

Massive Statue of Lord Shiva at "Har ki Paudi"

Neel Dhara (left) and Ganga Dhara (Right), passing through Haridwar can be seen while travelling to "Mansa Devi" Temple on Rope Way

Despite being down with high fever, I never felt low on energy and moved on to my next destination "Rishikesh". Probably this is the kind of effect- holy Ganga can have.


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